“I am proud to be the headteacher of Earls Barton Primary School and invite you to explore our school website to gain an understanding of life in our school. However, the best way to truly know a school is to visit and I warmly welcome tours of our wonderful school (COVID restrictions pending). For current parents, this website contains a wealth of information and documents to complement the regular communication through ParentMail, weekly school newsletters and Twitter.

Earls Barton Primary School is at the heart of the community and we strive to ensure our children embody our school values both inside and outside of school. These values are: Self-belief, Honest, Respect, Excellence and Kindness. We base our assemblies and rewards around our values to ensure they are high-profile and understood by all children.

As well as academic excellence, we also strive to give children a broader experience in terms of opportunities in sport, art, music, drama, community service and culture through an array of experiences, trips, visitors and in-school events. We are proud of the support we give to each and every child from our dedicated teaching and support staff. We are fortunate to have extra staff to support with children’s social and emotional well-being; we have a full-time Behaviour Support Assistant and a full-time Emotional Literacy Support Assistant, led by our Pastoral and Inclusion lead. We are a highly inclusive school with a reputation for nurturing children so that every child can achieve their potential.

The last two years in education globally have been tumultuous and I am passionate about leading Earls Barton Primary School into its next phase of growth in a post-COVID world! As well as plans to ensure academic catch-up for those who require it, we are dedicated to ensuring children’s mental health and well-being are supported after a difficult time for many. We have an array of exciting plans to help re-enthuse and re-excite children should they be feeling nervous or anxious.

I love to listen to feedback from children and parents and will be hosting a range of activities in my first term as Head to get to know as many of you as possible and build in the wider community’s view as I plan to develop the school for the future. I want to empower our children to be the change they want to see in the world and for them to leave primary school equipped and empowered to achieve their potential and to be a force for good.

One of my favourite educational quotes is from Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

In our little corner of the world, in Earls Barton, we plan to play our parts in making this a reality for the children and community we serve.

Miss M. Lally