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Design & Technology

Design and Technology is a subject that encourages children to display their creativity and ingenuity as well as take risks and experiment with design ideas.  Our curriculum has been developed to run alongside the school values which are supported by our curriculum keys to deepen their curiosity into how things are built whilst also providing them with life skills. Across the school, our Design and Technology units have been carefully constructed to enable to children to develop their skills evaluating, designing and making. The heart of every unit will be skill development – each unit aiming to impart a new ‘real world’ skill and understanding upon our pupils which they can transfer into the daily lives.

At EBPS, Design and Technology is taught as a discrete subject in three of the six terms across the year. The key areas of learning are structures, mechanisms, textiles and food technology.

Our curriculum is carefully designed to develop the practical skills of the children. Progression is mapped out across all year groups from Early Years to Year 6 to ensure progression in the skills that children are learning, whilst also building upon their prior knowledge.

Each unit of work follows the same structure: evaluating existing products, developing new skills, designing, making and evaluating our final product. Each stage in the process builds upon each other, enabling the children to draw upon their deepening knowledge as the unit progresses.

The impact of the learning in Design and Technology is measured through a comprehensive monitoring cycle which includes book looks, learning walks, pupil voice, and curriculum intent reviews. Findings from these monitoring activities will be utilised to review and refine the curriculum being offered to the children.

When children leave EBPS, they should take with them a range of skills that they have learnt, refined and developed across our Design and Technology curriculum. They should have an understanding of how the skills they have learnt apply to different careers and situations in life.


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Design & Technology

Emily Sparkes


Design and Technology units follow the curriculum map that has been developed based on the children in EBPS, implemented across the school from Early Years to Year 6.

Discrete lessons taught in three out of the six school terms.

There should be six lessons/at least six hours worth of teaching for each unit of work.

In Early Years, Design and Technology activities and skills will be out in provision. Discrete units will be taught in small groups with a specific skill focus.

Progression of skills map has been created, however, assessment in the subject needs to be developed.

The skills in Reception are assessed within the Expressive Arts and Design curriculum towards the Early Learning Goal.


Design & Technology