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Curriculum KEYS: Values, Horizons, Equity, World, Love

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At Earls Barton Primary School we want pupils to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics and to be able to reason and solve problems.

They will visualise using a concrete, pictorial and then abstract approach and make connections between different representations.

They will describe using correct mathematical language and ask questions and discuss the concepts they are learning.

They will foster a love for learning maths and make links with everyday applications

Maths is timetabled daily, using White Rose’s small steps.  Teachers will supliment these lessons by assessing their children;s knowledge during lessons and add and remove content as approriate.  This is likely to include additional recap or extension, butcould also developing quick recall of number facts and arithmetic skills.

We use Numbots and Times Table Rock Stars to support the improvement of quick recall.

Prior knowledge is revisited in Flashback Maths sessions which usually begin a maths lesson

Currently, we also have an additional daily 10min maths slot to deliver Mastering Number in KS1, Timestables in year 3 and 4, and problem solving in year 5 and 6.

By the time a child leaves us in Year 6, they should have achieved their potential and have a solid base from which to springboard the next phase of their maths education.

Children should have an awareness of the essential maths needed for their own future opportunities /ambitions and to survive using real-life maths in the world of work and their chosen career.


Subject leader

Subject implementation / curriculum design 

How taught 

How assessed (what’s the impact?) 


Jamie Stockham

Maths follows the White Rose small steps and Scheme of Learning.

Where necessary staff consult the Ready to Progress criteria to focus more time on specific areas where gaps have been identified or use this material for interventions as appropriate.

Y2 children have a slightly different order so that children have experienced all areas of the National Curriculum before Statutory Assessments are made.

EYFS – daily maths carpet sessions and teacher led and independent activities

KS1 15min flashback maths 30min maths lesson daily

KS2 4x 15min flashback maths and 45min maths lesson

1x times table or arithmetic lesson

Maths is assessed primarily during and at the end of each lesson.  End of Unit and end of term assessments produced by White Rose are also used to make more formal judgements.

Y2 and Y6 children complete SATs.

Y4 children complete the Multiplication Tables Check.

Reception children work towards the school designed “on-track” statements for each term towards the ELG in mathematics