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Curriculum KEYS: Values, Horizons, Equity, World, Love

Values Horizons Equity World Love






Our intent is to provide children with a science curriculum that enables them to explore the world around them and experience the joy of discovery first hand, so that they have a deeper understanding of the world we live in. Through the provision of a variety of opportunities that deepen and extend learning, including science homework initiatives and STEM days, we aim to promote a commonality of language in science that runs throughout the whole school.  Our intention is to inspire our children to believe that one day they could be putting the science skills acquired at school into creating a brighter future.

This will be implemented through lessons which consolidate prior knowledge but always result in new learning; provide challenge and scaffold through guided and independent practice; to ensure all learners are active and successful and to encourage curiosity through scientific enquiry with practical, hands-on experiences that encourage children to question and be inspired to continue their learning.

The impact of our science curriculum will be evident through:

·       Children who demonstrate our science principles

·       Children who enjoy and are enthusiastic about science

·       Children who are able to articulate their understanding of scientific concepts and be able to reason scientifically using rich language linked to science.

·       Children that can ask questions about their science learning and reflect on their knowledge. 

·       A clear progression of children’s work and teachers’ expectations.

·       Children who are becoming increasingly independent in science, and completing pupil lead investigations.

·       Children who achieve age related expectations in Science at the end of their cohort year.


Subject leader

Subject implementation / curriculum design 

How taught 

How assessed (what’s the impact?) 


Hannah Toms

Science units follow the curriculum map that has been developed based on the children in EBPS and is implemented across the school from Y1 to Year 6

Science is taught for two lessons per week in Years 1 – 6 as it is a core subject.

Within Reception, science is part of the “Understanding the World” curriculum area. This is taught as a whole class input with independent learning tasks which stem from this, as well as continuous provision set-up indoors and outdoors which promotes scientific enquiry and understanding the world, linked to both the topics and children’s interests.

Discrete lessons

1 lesson per week

Minimum of 1 ½  hour session per week.

Pre and end of unit quizzes being trialled – to be introduced ready for Sept 2022 and to replace existing pre-unit carousel.

Flashback Science to be introduced.

GL assessment end of year test to be introduced for KS2