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Clover class library visit

Earls Barton Local Calendar
21.05.2024 14:45
Helen Dabrowski


Dear parents/carers,

Starting next week, we would like to offer you the opportunity to come along to the village library to join your child for a reading session. There will be three sessions on offer to you during this half term. Please see below for the dates that your child's class will visit the library.

All sessions will run from 2.45 until 3.15, allowing you to collect your child from the usual place straight afterwards at the end of the school day. The children will return to school at 3.15 with their class to collect their belongings.

We would ask that only one adult per family attend the session in order that we do not overwhelm a small space. This offer is, of course, extended to other family members, grandparents for example. The attending adult will be asked to sign in at the library on arrival. The children will be brought from school to meet you there.

You will notice that one of the dates for each class is a Thursday - this will replace the reading session that takes place in school for that week only.

We do hope that you are able to join us in sharing some story fun with the children.

Daisy Class - Monday 29th April

                              Tuesday 14th May

                              Thursday 23rd May (to replace reading in school)

Buttercup Class - Tuesday 30th April

                                        Thursday 16th May (to replace reading in school)

                                        Monday 20th May

Clover Class - Thursday 2nd May (to replace reading in school)

                                Monday 13th May

                                Tuesday 21st May

Visiting adults should go directly to the library to sign-in and the class will meet you there.

Many Thanks,

The EYFS team